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Episode #11: Poverty, politics and activism – Tabitha Morton

A dominant narrative within politics and media in the UK and elsewhere is that for one group to gain, another needs to lose out: a zero-sum game in which those most vulnerable inevitably draw the short straw. From welfare benefits to legislation on domestic violence, policies are made by those who lack lived experience and instead base decisions on myths, stereotypes and misplaced moral judgement. It is time that instead of being pitted against each other, start working together with each other.

These are some of the take-away messages from our conversation with Tabitha Morton. Tabitha is deputy leader of the Women’s Equality Party in the UK and CEO of More United, a cross-party movement that supports grassroots political campaigning. Now a politician and activist, Tabitha grew up in a disadvantaged neighbourhood in Liverpool and has first-hand experience of the struggle to make ends meet.

Reflecting on her own experiences and journey into politics and activism, Tabitha speaks about how little has changed in the last few decades when it comes to improving children’s life chances or social mobility. All types of voices and backgrounds, experiences need to be represented among those pulling the strings to ensure that policies benefit everyone. And we can all play a role in making that happen.

In this episode, Tabitha mentions Eleanor Rathbone, a suffragette and campaigner for family allowance in the UK. She also refers to the campaign on free school meals by footballer Marcus Rashford last year, and which continues into the new year as children are out of school due to Covid-19. You can find more information using the links.

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