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All too often, discussions about poverty are focused on lack of income and material deprivation. Rarely do we hear about the stigma associated with living in poverty, about the stress of making ends meet or about how policies that aim to reduce poverty can actually make matters worse.

This podcast and blog explores how poverty affects the mind and emotions, human connections and the wider society, and what can be done to change this.

In conversation with scholars, policy makers, activists and those who are affected by poverty, we unpack the hidden dimensions of poverty. We cast a critical eye on common understandings and misconceptions and challenge conventional wisdom about how poverty can or should be addressed.

Keetie Roelen @ILO/Lwin

This project builds on more than a decade of research and policy-oriented work on poverty across the globe. It is led by me – Keetie Roelen. I work as a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Global Development (CSGD) at the Open University in the UK. I feel passionate about getting the word out on poverty, and about representing different experiences, views and perspectives.

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